Possum Climbers

Possums are natural den dwellers. You'd find them in cities, villages and the wild. They are lovers of a good abode. They would make a home of abandoned nest of other animals, rock crevices, fallen logs and on trees. Cohabiting with humans is also a possibility. It has been discovered that they prefer a home in trees. Their homes are usually lined with leaves, dried twigs, and grasses. As typical of all tree dwellers, possums are very good climbers.

Good climbing is a result of adapting to their lifestyle. Possums are good runners and is an advantage to their climbing skill. How, you might wonder. At an amazing speed of around 3.6 miles per hour, they can jump and run up obstacles quickly. Possums are well known for climbing fences and garden gates. They can also climb smooth walls like the gecko.

About the size of a matured home cat, long and pointed facial structure. Their ears are round and hairless. With a rat like tail, they are in possession of special tail. The prehensile tail helps in maintaining balance when climbing. It also helps to get its center of gravity while it runs and climb. It's believed that possums can hang from trees with their tails. Well, yes and no. For young possums, it is easy to dangle with their tails hanging. However, for an adult possums weighing over 14 pounds, you need to be told what might happen.

Possums are great climbers for several reasons. They can climb for any intent. As nocturnal creatures, they scavenge for food from trees to trees. They love to live in trees because of the availability of foods: fruits, seeds, insects and flies. The thick canopy atop a tree provides plenty of protection from predators. For most of their predators: dogs, foxes, coyotes, it is impossible to get to the heights they can reach.

Possums can be found on telephone wires, no thanks to their amazing balancing tail. Well, we have no problem with possums climbing high trees to get food and protection. What we're concerned is their climbing into your gardens, attic and garages. They'll climb into your gardens and sneak into your home. If they can't get into your home from the garden, be sure they will get in via your fences. They will climb your walls and get into your attic.

What's more? Possums are noisy climbers. Unlike most critters that sneak into your home without knowing, possums make lot of noise when crawling which is a clear discomfort for your family. They have large droppings which doesn't speak good about you as the householder. Female possums, like every mother, seek a safe place for their young ones. Your home might just be ideal place. Unfortunately for you, possums die frequently in the attic. You can only help imagine the offensive odor that can cause.

Possums are great climbers but your home shouldn't be their destination. Look out for their turds and you might easily find them. Trap, remove and seals off entry points. You might not stop them from climbing, but you can stop them from nesting.

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