How do you remove a rodent stuck in a dumpster?

Rodents have very good smelling power and they look for their food from smell. That’s why they easily get attracted to the dumpster. Dumpster always contains waste food material and other things and they are kept outside the house. So, it gets very easy for rodents to get in a dumpster. Rodents somehow get into the dumpster in search of food but once they are in, sometimes it gets difficult for them to come out. A stucked rodent will be nervous and having less energy because it has already used all its energy to get out of the dumpster. Therefore, it is important to remove them with patience. By following these tips you can remove a rodent stuck in a dumpster –

Using your hand to take out the rodent or trash will be your last option. You will not have to go for it because there are already many options available. The first option that you can try is to tilt the dumpster. When you will tip the dumpster to a side then rodent will come in great motion and it will look for place to get out of it. Once you will tilt it then it will get easier for rodent to move out.

The next thing that you can do is to put some more trash on the side in the dumpster. It will act as a bridge to the rodent and it can come out of the container easily. If you don’t want to try this then don’t worry, there are many other options available. You can use a stick or any other thing which is long enough to carry in hand and to poke it slightly. But be careful that you not poke rodent hardly that it will hurt it. You purpose is just to appreciate it to get out the dumpster on its own.

Whenever rodent or any other animal is stuck somewhere and then is poked by something then their energy gets double because they feel that they are in danger and thus start making efforts to save them and try to get out of that situation as soon as possible.

If you are still not successful then you can use wired noose harness. With this you can tie the rodent and can pull it out easily but it is only effective in case of large rodent. When you will take it out make sure to remove the harness carefully by keeping the rodent away from yourself. This method is effective in case of other animals (if in case you have to use this).

If you are not able to remove rodent after all these methods then you need to call an expert to remove the animal. It is always better to avoid the rodents beforehand then to take them out from dumpster afterwards. For that you can keep your dumpster covered or locked so that smell cannot go out and rodent cannot get in.

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